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Calico has had the opportunity to observe the live feeds before, so when it finally came to her turn, of course the stakes had to be higher than ever. starts out at the bottom of a dark hole that is hot and humid. They give her so much that she needs to push up against the bars to get a decent breath of air. It is a tough start to what promises to be a very long day.

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Bottom spanking video from Cornwall dungeon

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Sara squirms and moans through orgasm after orgasm and when Ashley thinks it may be like to fuck her, then more screaming orgasms. He has a great time with Sara that he wanted some more. We apply the lip loop to spread her arms and legs are spread wide and she is gagged and a single rope keeps her tied to the table so she doesn't miss a drop.

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Iona Grace. Something in those eyes yearns to be taught, to be shown things about the world. Today, we teach a lesson about the Sybian, and what happens when you keep it running long after you orgasm. We place Iona on the Sybian and construct a metal device to hold her in place, no pushing up off the vibrator, no mercy. Iona has a hard orgasm.

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RealTimeBondage exists because there is no other place for the most intense cunts on the web to get their fix. Sure, she's a bit nervous, facing the collective will of the twisted. They need to know everything about her if they're going to take full advantage. There are some things that you do to a slut that will make her moan. Rain's terrified of it, but she's helpless to resist.

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Krista, it is Katelynn's turn for pleasure. We decide to fill it with a dildo. She had no idea who she was dealing with. Then he strips Krista and hangs her upside down by her spread ankles. Krista, sexy and young fresh meat! Krista is captured in her own cum juice. He uses his finger to swing her hips away from the powerful buzzing.

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Isis Love has always fantasized about being a secretary who is dominated by a powerful buisness man. In this scene she receives punishment and hard fucking for making typos.

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Jaelyn Fox is super cute and likes to play rough. This innocent looking girl loves licking ass and getting fucked with big cocks. She is put in challenging bondage like the "punishment block," which heightens her experience.

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She drills her rules into his head and orders him to recite them back but he just can't get it right. Mistress decides a little pain might help with his focus, and proceeds to push him to his limits with simple tools and seductive reasoning. She humiliates him to the end, even as he licks his come off his own fingers, face burning in shame.

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