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Jaelyn Fox is super cute and likes to play rough. This innocent looking girl loves licking ass and getting fucked with big cocks. She is put in challenging bondage like the "punishment block," which heightens her experience.

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She drills her rules into his head and orders him to recite them back but he just can't get it right. Mistress decides a little pain might help with his focus, and proceeds to push him to his limits with simple tools and seductive reasoning. She humiliates him to the end, even as he licks his come off his own fingers, face burning in shame.

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Each nipple and ogre ties cord around each shapely breast. She should eat her ass too. She is one of those girls whose pussy gets very sensitive after cumming. Ogre begins by tasting her pussy. So, with that in mind, what could be better than having them both share the love? We turn it on to begin fucking her. As Ogre fingers and gropes her. Mallory begs not to be left alone.

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Ashley Jane wants to do something nice for the new ladies next door, but she gets a lot more than she bargained for when she brings them a fresh baked pie. Lorelei Lee and Maitresse Madeline snatch this little hottie up and use her for all kinds of kinky lesbian sex games.

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When asked about her fantasies, Claire confesses a deep desire to be bound so tightly she can't move at all. Well... not quite "action." More like she's ready to be used and degraded while she is completely helpless. They also leave things like feet, tits and stomachs open for caning, flogging or whatever other requests are called out from the pervert pit.

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This girl would be best suited to home care and kept strictly tied. Emilie's neck and wrists are locked into standing stocks. We watch her writhe from her suspension point and moan her way to her first orgasm. This busty doll to our Emilie studio. Emilie is bound spread eagle for Rebekah to find the chocolate on her body. Its way with her in this update.

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Gia Jordan has been a porn star her entire adult life. She truly is a nympho, she truly is a slut, and she will be the first to tell you so. We paired her with Sgt Major, who hates shooting with "porny" girls just like Gia. However near the end of the first scene, the porn girl stops "acting" and starts reacting. The concept is just beautiful in it's subtlety, if you know how to look.

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Just sounded too hot to pass up, so we keep her cumming and screaming. Alayna squirts quick and hard, then again. Near the end, she jumps off the machines and lies on the bed in blue undoes. The second scene Alayna is tied with her legs spread off the ground. Alayna squirts in moans and screams with climactic orgasms. And placed between her legs and insert it into her pussy.

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